Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking allows you to track when a particular user has clicked on a link, and then completed a specific action, typically a signup or a purchase.

In order to track conversions with Linkly, you need to place Linkly’s tracking code on the conversion success page. Typically, this is the 'thank you’ page for a signup or purchase.

How to track conversions

  1. Create a link with Linkly to any signup or product page on your site.

  2. Insert the tracking code <img src=""> into the <body> of your ‘thank you’ page.

  3. When users click the Linkly link and are redirected to your website, Linkly will register a conversion when they reach the ‘thank you’ page.

  4. Conversions are shown in the reports on the chart alongside traffic.

Things to Note

  • Conversion tracking works by saving a cookie on the user’s browser.

  • The cookie lifetime is 30 days. Any user that returns to the site, even without using the Linkly link, will register a conversion within this time.

  • Refreshing the ‘thank you’ page will register multiple conversions.