Click Tracking

What is click tracking?

Click tracking is the process of a counting the number of times a user has clicked on a link, and is usually with click tracking software.

Click tracking software is used to create special tracking links that collect this data.

Click tracking is an important part of marketing activity, as it can highlight optimization opportunities, UX optimizations, and potential problems with user flow.

Benefits of Click Tracking

Click tracking has a number of benefits, most notably:

  • Allow you to track sales, signups or conversions
  • Gives marketers the ability to optimize ad spend
  • Helps you detect problems with user experience or marketing
  • Helps you learn about your audience, where they’re from, and what they want

How Click Tracking Works

In order to track clicks, you need to create a tracking link.

Tracking links are special types of links that when clicked, record information about the click (such as who clicked, where they are located, and what the time is), and then redirect the user to the intended location.

The process of click tracking is invisible and instant, and tracking links are frequently used all over the web.

How to Create Tracking Links

In order to create a tracking link, you need to use click tracking software such as Linkly.

To create a tracking link:

  1. Sign up free / Login to Linkly.
  2. Click Create New Link.
  3. Type in the destination (URL) of where you want your link to go.
  4. Click Save Link.

Linkly will give you a tracking link you can use in place of your original link.

You can also use your own domain by creating a vanity URL:

By creating using your own domain, you can create branded tracking links that look like normal links.
By creating using your own domain, you can create branded tracking links that look like normal links.

Email Click Tracking

Most popular email marketing software allows you to see which users open and click on your emails. Open tracking works by embedding an invisible pixel image in the email, where as click tracking involves redirecting the user through a special URL that the email marketing software generates.

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