Creating App Redirects

You can create a link that redirects users to the appropriate app store for their device.

  1. Click Create New Link from the menu.

  2. Give your link a nickname to help you find it later.

  3. Enter a Destination for any traffic that doesn’t meet your conditions (for example, if you have apps for iOS and Android but not other platforms (such as Blackberry), those users will be redirected here.

  4. In the Targeting section, click Device.

  5. For each device you want to target, fill in the relevant destination URL. For example, you might:

    • Send iOS users to the Apple App Store.

    • Send Android users to the Google Play Store.

    • Send everyone else to a landing page elsewhere.

  6. Click Save Link to get your link and test it.


Things to Note

  • We determine the user’s browser & device by looking at the request headers.

  • Supported devices are:

    • iOS

    • Android

    • Mac

    • Windows

    • Linux