How to Create Mailto QR Codes

What is a mailto link?

A mailto link is a type of link used on the web to open the default mail app on the user's device, prepopulated with email address and other fields such as the subject line and body text.

It is typically used to make it easier for users to send an email to a specified email address from a webpage.

What is a QR code?

A QR code a scannable code that can store any kind of text, including links, and is usually scanned with a mobile device.

How to Create Mailto QR Codes

  1. Sign up to Linkly.

    Linkly provides free trackable QR codes that never expire for up to 1000 scans/month.

  2. Click Create New Link from the sidebar.

  3. Enter your mailto

    Just type mailto into the destination field and it'll pop up an email form.

    You can also use a mailto link generator such as: if you want additional fields such as cc and bcc.

    Enter your mailto
    Enter your mailto
  4. Save your link

    Click Save Link at the bottom of the page.

  5. Scan your QR code

    You can click on it to make it larger or download it.

    Make sure you test it thoroughly on a number of devices before printing/promoting.

    It's up to the device how it deals with mailto links/which app it opens.

    Scan your QR code
    Scan your QR code
  6. Attach a domain

    Optionally, we strongly recommend you attach a domain to Linkly.

    This makes QR codes more reliable, and fixes almost all scanning issues.

    As an additional bonus, QR codes remain on your domain, rather than ours, meaning if you decide to leave Linkly, you can take your QR codes with you.

  7. How do QR codes work?

    For general interest, we have a blog post about how QR codes work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the mailto after the QR code is made/printed?

Yes, you can edit the mailto, and the QR code, even though it's printed, will now use the updated mailto.

Why does my QR code scans on some phones but not others?

It is likely your QR code is being blocked by a content filter.

Attach a domain - this solves almost all issues.

Why does my mailto link not open?

If you have a very long body section to your message, some devices impose limits, and it's likely you've hit this limit. Try a shorter body.

The limit is usually under 10 lines.

Will I be able to track the number of scans?

Yes, Linkly's full tracking is enabled, including country & ISP.

Can I track whether emails were sent?

Linkly cannot track whether someone actually sends an email, as browsers do not share this information

Do mailto QR codes expire?

Linkly's QR codes stay indefinitely unless you disable them, even on the free plan.

You can optionally set an expiration time for your links if you so choose.

Can I use Google Analytics to track my QR Codes?

Yes, by using Linkly's Google Analytics 4 integration.

Can I color my QR codes?

Yes, QR codes can be any color.

High contrast QR codes are easier to scan.

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