Bulk Importing Links

You can easily import thousands of links into Linkly.

Important - Read this first

If you are going to import more than a few URLs - let us help you.

Importing links is error prone and we can help you get it right first time.

Prepare a spreadsheet of all the fields you want and send it to us using the chat widget in your workspace, and we’ll help you get it uploaded.

Spreadsheet Import

If you need to set custom fields on your links (say, for example, if you want to use your own domain with the links), you can import a spreadsheet instead.

  1. Click here for the Google Sheets spreadsheet template.

  2. Populate the spreadsheet with the fields you require.

    For custom domains, split the domain & slug apart, so for domain.com/mypage, domain.com goes in column domain, and /mypage goes in slug.

  3. Click File -> Download -> Comma-Separated Values

Download as comma-separated values (CSV
Download as comma-separated values (CSV

Once done, in Linkly, go to Integrations -> Bulk Import:

Bulk import links into Linkly
Bulk import links into Linkly

Select the CSV file and upload it. Linkly will generate links for valid rows.

Importing Rules - Rotator, Geotargeting & Device Targeting

There are four columns at the end of the import template used for importing rules.

  • rule_what - rule type, should all be one of 'platform', 'country' or 'rotator' for a given link.
  • rule_matches - e.g. android,ios,windows,mac,linux GB,US,CA
  • rule_url - appropriate destination URL for the rule
  • rule_percentage - comma separated list of integer percentages for rotators, e.g. 25,25,50.

Each field is a comma-separated list.

Rotators Example

rotator,rotator leave field blank https://nature.com,https://science.com 50,50

Geotargeting Example

country,country GB,US https://gov.uk,https://whitehouse.gov leave field blank

Device Targeting Example

device,device android,ios https://play.google.com,https://apple.com leave field blank

I uploaded a CSV file, but nothing imported!

Linkly only creates links where the rows are valid. If Linkly isn’t importing, just let us know and we’ll check it for you.

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