Fixing Slow Redirects on Linkly

Some features on Linkly necessarily slow down redirection performance, as third party tags take time to run in the user's browser.

Disabling these features will significantly increase the redirect speed.

What features slow down redirects?

Linkly features that involve firing javascript tags when a user clicks a link will inject a 0.5 second delay before the user is redirected.

These features are:

Disabling these features will mean redirects are server-side 302’s, and near instantaneous.

Why do javascript tags slow down redirects?

These features require us to show a blank interstitial page when the user clicks on a link, so that the tags that make these features work can be fired.

The blank page is shown for 0.5 seconds to give the tags enough time to call back to their respective services (e.g. Google Analytics, Facebook), before the user is finally redirected.

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