Links blocked by spam filters

Using a public link shortener like may occasionally trip spam filters.

While most spam filters will block links for a matter of hours to days, it can be very alarming.

Usually, however, these blocks disappear on their own, and are localized to a particular internet service provider (so most users will still be able to access your links).

When this happens, you'll usually see either:

  • "This site can’t be reached" - it just looks like your link doesn't work
  • A security warning from a security software vendor. For example, from Microsoft Defender:
Microsoft Defender Warning Example
Microsoft Defender Warning Example

When this happens, in general, your link is working on the wider internet, but is being blocked en-route to you.

This can happen either at your ISP, corporate intranet, or on your local computer.

Linkly provides two quick workarounds that instantly solve this problem.

A Quick Solution - Using Alternative URLs

Linkly hosts its URL shortener on alternative URLs that are far less likely to be blocked by a spam filter.

You can select an alternative URL from the dropdown after you create a link. If the original link doesn't work, just try another.

Alternative URLs Dropdown
Alternative URLs Dropdown

These alternative domains are used far less frequently, and as such are less likely to be caught by a spam filter.

Your tracking will work exactly the same- they're the same link as far as Linkly is concerned.

The Best Solution - Attach Your Domain to Linkly

We always recommend customers attach their domain to Linkly.

It means your links will never be caught in a spam filter, and links remain on your domain, so use of Linkly is invisible to the end user.

Attaching a domain you own is free and only takes a few minutes.

Why do I get 'Site can't be reached'?

It's likely your link has been blocked by your ISP. Try one of Linkly's alternative URL or a different internet connection. You should always attach a domain to Linkly if you can, as these issues don't affect custom domains.

Will alternative URLs affect my tracking?

Alternative URLs are the same as the normal URLs Linkly provides. The links will continue to work and track in the same way.

Does it cost anything to attach a domain?

Attaching a domain is free on all plans, including Linkly's free plan.

If I share a link and then attach a domain, will my old links stop working?

No, your old links will continue to work regardless, even if you attach a domain to them.

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