Linkly makes link tracking and redirecting easy.

Create simple, beautiful and branded tracking links with redirects, retargeting and more.

  • Tracking

  • Redirect by location or device

  • Add retargeting tags

  • Custom domains and URLs

  • Conversion tracking

  • Link cloaking

  • Use Google Analytics UTM tags

  • Google Sheets integration

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Do it with Linkly



Linkly makes it easy to create tracking links.

Track the number of clicks.

See location, platform, destination and referrer.


Shortening & QR Codes

Linkly works like a link shortener, but with a lot more functionality, so you can track, target and forward users.

Shorten complex links so they're simple and beautiful.

Use your own domain so links are fully branded.

Shorten mailto links.


Use your branding

Use your own domain, and create any vanity URL you want, promoting your business as you share the link.

Create vanity URLs so links are simple and beautiful.

Linkly is invisible to the end user.



Redirect users based on their country.

Target for different currencies, languages or products.

Market different products to different regions.


Platform Targeting & Universal App Store Links

Redirect users based on their device.

Send users to the right app store.

Target by iOS, Android, Windows, Linux or Mac.


A/B Link Rotator

Randomly spread traffic between multiple destinations.

Specify the traffic split percentage.

Determine better performing products and affiliates.


Link Cloaking

Hide the destination of your links.

Replaces the address in the address bar with any custom domain you choose.

The real URL of the destination is hidden from the visitor.

Invisible to end users.


3rd Party Retargeting & Tracking Pixels

Include 3rd party retargeting and tracking pixels, including Javascript, on links, even mailto links.

Follow up with customers using Facebook Ads, Google Display or other networks.


See everything at once

Sparkline charts show traffic, so you can quickly see how links are performing and if any have dropped off.

One Linkly account for thousands of links; no limits on link creation.

Infrastructure that scales with you- Linkly handles millions of clicks.


Bring your team

Add as many users as you want to your workspace, all for free.

Add team members.

Add clients.

Add your agency.


Google Sheets Addon

Pull data from Linkly into Google Sheets to create reports that update automatically.


Google Analytics UTM Tag Builder

Automatically add UTM tags to your destinations

Track your clicks and conversions in Google Analytics

No code required


Automatically Link Words on Your Site

Automatically add links to words and phrases on your website using our javascript snippet.

Intelligently enters body text, ignoring menus and other page elements.



  • Fast redirects

  • Custom destinations

  • HTTPS links

  • QR codes

  • UTM tag builder

  • Shorten Mailto links

Traffic Routing

  • Redirect by country

  • Redirect by device

  • Random redirect (A/B link rotator)

  • Retargeting

  • Link cloaking

  • Conversion tracking


  • Clear, beautiful reports

  • HTTPS referer data

  • Parameter & affiliate SubID tracking

  • Conversion tracking

  • CSV data export

  • Raw data export, including IP addresses

Get 2000 monthly clicks and all features for free.

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Get 2000 clicks per month and all features completely free.

No credit card required