About Linkly’s Free Plan

Linkly has a free plan that is accessible to everyone.

All features of the paid product are available on free plan, including:

  • Multiple users
  • Unlimited links
  • Custom domains (up to 50)
  • Long-term data retention (currently 5 years)

Free Plan Restrictions

  • You can redirect up to 1000 clicks/month in total, across the whole workspace. (Up to unlimited on paid plans).
  • You can create 1000 links in your workspace (Unlimited on paid plans).

You can monitor your usage inside your Linkly workspace.

What happens when I exceed my monthly traffic limit?

When you reach 80%, we’ll send you an email saying you’re close to using your allowance.

At 100%, we’ll pause your links from redirecting & tracking, until your usage resets at the next 30 day period.

You can re-instate your links immediately by upgrading to a paid plan.

If you are on a paid plan already, you will be automatically upgraded to the new plan level. We never pause the links of paying customers.

Track 1000 monthly clicks with all features included.

No credit card required