Create Expiring Links

What are expiring links?

Expiring links are links that have an associated date & time after which they cease to redirect.

They can either redirect to a different destination after the expiry date, or alternatively just return a “not found” error.

How to create expiring links with Linkly

  1. Sign in/sign up to Linkly. Linkly offers a free plan with all features included.

  2. Click 'Create New Link’ from the left hand menu.

  3. Enter a Destination for the link at the top. Linkly will automatically populate a nickname for the link, or you can select your own.

  4. Under Options, select Expiry date & time.

  5. Finally, click ‘Save Link’. Linkly will create a new shortlink for you which will expire at the selected time.

How to create an expiring link with Linkly
How to create an expiring link with Linkly

What timezone is the expiry time?

The expiry link timezone is UTC.

Do I have to select an expiry destination?

No. If you don’t provide an expiry destination, Linkly will show a “Not found” error to anyone who visits your link after expiry.

Can I change or remove the expiry date after I’ve created the link?

Yes. Just edit the link after it’s been created and update the expiry time. You can even re-enable an expired link this way.

Can I create expiring links via the API?

Yes- view our API documentation here.

Does Linkly have a free plan?

Yes. Linkly has a free plan which includes expiring links, for up to 1000 clicks per month. Sign up here.

Track 1000 monthly clicks with all features included.

No credit card required