Shortening and Tracking Mailto Links 

What is a mailto link?

A mailto link is a link that when clicked by a user, will open the user’s email client and fills the destination field with an email address you provide.

How to Track & Shorten Mailto Links

Linkly lets you shorten and track mailto links.

Mailto links are links of the form:

mailto:[email protected]

When these links are clicked, they open the user’s email client.

You can specify the:

  • ‘To’ email address
  • Subject
  • Body text

You can use to generate elaborate mailto links.

To shorten a mailto link:

  1. Login to Linkly and click Create New Link.
  2. Type mailto: in the Destination field. Linkly will open up extra fields for emails.
  3. Once done, click Save Link. Linkly will give you a shortened tracking link, that when clicked, will open on a user’s device.
Shortening mailto: links - Linkly will pop open an email form when you type in mailto:
Shortening mailto: links - Linkly will pop open an email form when you type in mailto:

Things to know about shortening mailto links

With mailto links, you can:

Can I include body text in a mailto link?

Yes. When you create a mailto in Linkly, it will automatically open up a body field.

Is there a limit to how long a mailto body can be?

Yes. Bodies cannot be more than a few lines. Different browsers behave differently, but most will begin to strip URLs longer than 1000 characters.

Can I track clicks on mailto links?

Yes, Linkly will track the clicks on mailto links.

Can I track whether emails were sent?

Linkly cannot track whether someone actually sends an email, as browsers do not share this information.

Can I use Linkly’s other features with a shortened mailto link?

With mailto links, you can:

How can I create a mailto shortlink in Linkly?

Just type mailto: in the destination field and an email form will pop up.

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