Retargeting & Tracking Pixels

You can use third-party retargeting pixels with Linkly.

For example, you may wish to track users who have clicked on a link, and then serve them retargeted ads via Google Display Network, Facebook Ads or any other ad system that supports retargeting.

What is Retargeting?

Have you ever noticed how when you visit a product page on the internet, somehow ads seem to show up for the product for weeks afterwards, on other unrelated sites?

This is because of retargeting.

When you visited the original product page, you were recorded as showing interest in that product. The owner of that site can now buy ads across the internet, and target you specifically, reminding you this product exists.

Retargeting is extremely effective, and is generally an order of magnitude cheaper per conversion than conventional ad targeting.

Using retargeting pixels with Linkly

In order to use retargeting pixels, you’ll need to obtain retargeting code from the ad network you are using.

With your code ready:

  1. Click Create New Link from the menu.

  2. Set up the NicknameDestination and any other link settings you would like to use.

  3. Click Retargeting & tracking pixels.

  4. Paste your code in the head tags and body tags boxes. You do not need to use both boxes, refer to your tag’s installation instructions to know which to use. Make sure you include any <script> tags.

  5. Click Save Link.


Now, when a user clicks on a link, they should be automatically tagged by the ad network, and added to your retargeting list.

Things to Note

  • Users will be served the pixel and be immediately redirected.

  • The process of adding users to retargeting lists is invisible.

  • This is compatible with Google Tag Manager containers. Just paste the GTM code into the boxes as appropriate.

  • The tags will have 500 milliseconds to fire after DOMContentLoaded.