Linkly's Refund Policy

No Questions Asked, 30 Day Guarantee

For new customers in their first billing month, Linkly will always refund the first month for any reason, so long as the refund request is received within 30 days and the user is cancelling a plan.

Unintended Renewals

If your plan renews automatically, and you didn't intend it to, you may request a cancellation of a subscription and a refund of the last charge. You must request this within 5 days of the charge.

Your links and data will be migrated to the free plan.

Unused Monthly Plans

A full refund of up to 3 most recent charges if there was no usage during those months. You must contact support within 3 months of your last charge.

Annual Plans

If you are cancelling a plan, Linkly will refund an annual plan for any reason, if the request is received within 30 days of the charge. It is not possible to request a refund on an annual plan after this point.

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