Forwarding URL Query String Parameters

Linkly can forward URI parameters to the destination.

For example, if you have a Linkly link like:

Linkly can send the gclid=1234 onto the destination.

You’d normally use this if you’re integrating with another tracking solution, like Google Analytics.

Linkly can automatically forward query parameters onto the destination.
Linkly can automatically forward query parameters onto the destination.

How to Forward URL Parameters

  1. Create a Linkly link.

  2. In the form, click Forward parameters to destination.

  3. Save your link.

Now, whenever you append ?example=query to your Linkly link, Linkly will redirect the visitor to a destination and append the same query string.

Linkly will also record these parameters in the traffic reports.

Parameter Analytics
Parameter Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions about Query String Forwarding

Can I use empty queries?

Queries have to be fully formed key=value pairs.

For example, you must enter ?example=1 and not just ?example.

Can I use multiple parameters?

You can use multiple query parameters (e.g. ?example=1&example=2).

Can I forward parameters on SMS or mailto links?

Linkly supports a wide range of URI formats, including mailto, SMS and tel links, support for query string forwarding is limited to normal web URLs.

Can I forward click IDs and UTMs from Google Ads or other ads?

Yes, enabling 'Forward Parameters' will mean these get passed to the destination, as well as recorded in Linkly.

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