Internet Service Provider (ISP) Lookup

What is an ISP?

An internet service provider or ISP is the service that a user is using to access the internet.

This can be a mobile telecoms network, a residential broadband connection, or, in the case of servers, a datacenter or cloud provider.

How Linkly records ISPs

Linkly traces and records the internet service provider (ISP) of a visitor as they pass through.

Linkly tags ISPs of visitors as they come through.
Linkly tags ISPs of visitors as they come through.

Determining Bot Traffic or Click Fraud using ISP

By looking at the ISP, we can determine whether visitors are coming from a datacenter like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud or Digital Ocean, which are used for servers, and typically don’t represent humans browsing the internet. We have a list of the cloud providers we identify.

It’s unusual for traffic to any particular link to exceed 5% from any particular ISP.

Where we see traffic greater than this, we flag it up for your attention with a warning label on the ISP tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Linkly identify the ISP?

We lookup the ISP of an incoming connection by examining its PTR & ARIN records.

What ISPs does Linkly identify as cloud providers or server farms?

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