Linkly's Anti-Spam Policy

Linkly has a very strict anti-spam policy. We aggressively disable links and accounts which abuse our services, without warning.

Specific, non-exhaustive examples that will lead to a ban

  • Phishing - fake login pages of any sort
  • Aggressive SMS spam
  • Unwanted software/malware, including APK files
  • Links to other URL shorteners, such as, or anything that obfuscates the final destination
  • Anything that obfuscates the final destination; if it's unclear where a link is going, it will likely be blocked
  • Links to dynamic DNS tunnels, such as ngrok
  • Creation of multiple free accounts on Linkly to abuse our free plan
  • Use of Linkly to circumvent restrictions on other platforms such as Facebook and Google Ads
  • High risk credit card payments

We do not provide warnings when links are blocked.

If you feel we have blocked a link in error, please get in touch.

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