How to get YouTube Links to Open the App Directly

To create links that open the YouTube app directly on a phone, you can use the YouTube app's custom URL scheme. This approach helps in providing a smoother user experience for mobile users by taking them straight to the YouTube app instead of opening the video in a web browser. Here's how you can do it:

Creating a YouTube App Deep-Link:

Use the YouTube URL with a Scheme: Replace the https://www. part of the YouTube video URL with youtube://. This tells the mobile device to open the link in the YouTube app if it is installed.

Example: If the standard YouTube video URL is, the custom URL scheme would be youtube://

Important Considerations:

  • Fallback to Browser: If the YouTube app is not installed, the link might not work as expected. It's a good practice to check the link redirects to the browser version if the app isn't detected.

  • Intent URLs (Android): Android also supports using Intent URLs for opening apps directly. This method can provide more control over the behavior when the app isn't installed, such as taking the user to the Play Store.

  • Testing: Always test your links on multiple devices and configurations to ensure they work as expected. Behavior can vary based on the device, operating system version, and app version.

Creating direct links to open the YouTube app enhances the user experience for mobile users by providing immediate access to content within the app environment. However, ensure you're also considering the user experience for those who might not have the app installed.

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