Importing Links from Bitly

Bitly is a free link shortening service.

If you’re already using Bitly, you can easily import all your existing links into Linkly.

To import Bitly links:

  1. Login to Linkly.
  2. In your workspace, click Integrations from the menu.
  3. Click Bitly Import.

Next, you’ll need to fetch your Generic Access Token from Bitly.

To do this:

  1. Login to Bitly.
  2. Click the ‘burger’ menu button in the top right hand corner, and click on your email address.
  3. Under User Settings, click on Generic Access Token.
  4. Copy the Generic Access Token and paste it into Linkly.
  5. Click Import.

Once you click import, the links will imported. This normally only takes a few seconds.

You can import up to 100,000 links from Bitly.

Things to know when importing links from Bitly

  • Linkly sets the Bitly short-URL as the destination. Traffic will be recorded in both Linkly and Bitly.
  • Linkly sets the final destination in the ‘Note’ field of your Linkly link.
  • Linkly will set the same nickname for your links that you use on Bitly.
  • Imports can always be tricky. Please do get in touch if you have any issues.

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