Using the Google Analytics UTM Tag Builder

What are UTM tags?

UTM tags are a Google Analytics feature that allows you to tag the source of a visitor, so you later analyze just visitors that come from that advertising source.

UTM tags work by adding parameters (such as utm_source, utm_medium and utm_campaign to an URL:

Source: Google Analytics Help.

Linkly & UTM Tags

Linkly can automatically add Google Analytics UTM tags to your link destinations. This allows you to track campaigns and users in Google Analytics.

How to Add UTM Tags Automatically to Links

  1. Click Create New Link from the menu.

  2. Give the link a nickname.

    This is just for your reference; users won't see this.

  3. In the Destination field, enter your fallback URL. This is where all traffic will go that doesn’t meet a certain country target.

  4. Under Google Analytics UTM Tags, enter the tags you want to use.


Frequently Asked Questions

What fields are required?

Source, Medium, and Campaign Name are compulsory for Google Analytics, but they don’t need to be filled in here.

What if my destination URL already has UTM tags?

If your destination already contains UTM tags, they will not be replaced or overwritten by Linkly.

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