Linkly & Zapier

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a tool that helps users integrate web apps with each other without code.

For example, if you were to use Linkly & Zapier together, you might automatically create a Linkly link from a spreadsheet.

How to Use Linkly & Zapier

Linkly is integrated with Zapier.

With Zapier, you can:

  • Automatically create Linkly shortlinks from others apps integrated with Zapier.
  • Find Linkly shortlink information automatically from other apps using Zapier.

You can sign up for our Zapier integration here.

Our Zapier integration strongly mirrors our API.

Linkly & Zapier Features Overview


Create Link

This action creates a new Linkly shortlink. The fields on Zapier map directly to the fields on the New Link Form.

This action will also update a link if you provide a link ID.

Get Link

This action fetches a single, existing link using a Link ID you provide.


Link Clicked

This trigger is fired every time a Linkly shortlink is clicked.

It includes all the relevant metadata for the click, including ISP, Country, parameters, and the routed destination if using custom redirects.

It also includes the link fields, so you'll know exactly which link was clicked, and what the settings of that link were.

Currently, Zapier polls our system for the latest events, and the current update frequency is 15 minutes.

Linkly link click trigger event
Linkly link click trigger event

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