Linkly's Data Security

Who Stores Your Data

All of Linkly's customer data is maintained at Google Cloud.

How Your Data is Encrypted At Rest

Your data is encrypted using the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256), with symmetric keys: that is, the same key is used to encrypt the data when it is stored, and to decrypt it when it is used. These data keys are themselves encrypted using a key stored in a secure keystore, and changed regularly.

How Is Your Data Encrypted in Transit

Google encrypts and authenticates all data in transit at one or more network layers when data moves outside physical boundaries not controlled by Google or on behalf of Google.

Data in transit inside a physical boundary controlled by or on behalf of Google or Linkly is generally authenticated.

We offer you the option of using non-encrypted connections (http) and publicly shareable click data. In these cases, data is not encrypted or authenticated at Linkly's boundary based on the options you choose. Your data is encrypted and authenticated by default.

How Your Data is Backed Up

Linkly's data is replicated across multiple availability zones and multiple database systems.

In addition, our data is backed up daily offline. Periodically, we take additional backups and store these at AWS.

Where Your Data is Stored

The primary jurisdiction where your data is at rest is the United States.

Availability and Redundancy

All of our systems are highly redundant. We run multiple front end and backend servers, across availability zones.

Our uptime is continuously monitored, and is published live here.

Additional Security Requirements

If your enterprise requires further security information, please kindly submit a security questionnaire to support.

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