About Linkly's Click Data

Frequently Asked Questions

What timezone is the data?

All data is in UTC.

It is not possible to alter the data timezone.

How fresh is the data?

The first query to data is always provided fresh.

Subsequent queries (i.e. requesting the same data again, e.g. the same link & time period) will result in being served cached data.

The maximum cache lifetime is 3 hours.

How often are Google Sheets Feeds updated?

We update these in realtime, with caching lasting up to 3 hours for repeated requests. Google Sheets however only pulls the data roughly once per day.

Unfortunately, we cannot control Google Sheet's update schedule.

Why does my link have clicks on it when I haven't shared it?

Browsers and apps sometimes open shortlinks in the background to generate previews and check for spam.

This may mean in some cases, your link may end up with clicks even though you haven't clicked on it.

Do you record IP addresses?

No. In order to comply with privacy frameworks such as GDPR, we do not record IP addresses.

How fresh are Zapier click triggers?

Zapier triggers are immediate.

Track 1000 monthly clicks with all features included.

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