How to Add Links Across a Website Automatically

What is linkify text?

Linkify text allows you to define words or phrases that, whenever they appear in your posts or pages on your website, get automatically linked to the URLs of your choosing.

For instance, wherever you may mention the word “Linkly”, that can get automatically linked as "Linkly".

The purpose is to streamline the adding, managing and tracking of links across large content-based websites.

How to Automatically Add Links Across a Website with Linkly

  1. Click Create New Link from the menu.

  2. Add a Nickname, Destination and any other link paramaters you would like to use.

  3. Click Linkify words.

  4. Install Linkly Javascript on your site

    You'll be prompted to install the Linkly javascript tags on your site. This javascript snippet allows Linkly to add links where necessary. If you click on 'Linkly javascript tags', you'll receive a personalised snippet for your workspace and instructions on how to install.

  5. In the Word list field, enter words or phrases you would like to add this link to, one per line.

  6. Visit your website to check the links are being added correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't it Linkify Text working?

If you're having trouble getting the it to work, contact us and we'll check it.

Where will Linkly replace words?

Linkly will only replace words in the HTML tags main, article, div, p, li, ul, ol, span, strong and b. This is to prevent Linkly interfering with titles or menus.

What about nofollow?

Linkly will automatically add nofollow tags to all the links it adds.

How can Linkify Text help me?

This feature works very well for adding affiliate links in forums and blog posts.

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