List of Cloud Providers

Linkly identifies major cloud providers and marks these as bots. Traffic from these sources are unlikely to be human. We also recognise search bots as inorganic.

This is part of our ISP Lookup feature and Bot Traffic blocking features.

  • Amazon (includes
  • ArubaCloud Limited (includes Aruba SAS)
  • Choopa, LLC
  • ColoCrossing
  • Datacamp Limited
  • Dedibox SAS
  • DigitalOcean (includes Digital Ocean, DigitalOcean, LLC)
  • Facebook
  • Google (includes Google Cloud, Google-private-cloud, Google Proxy, Google App Engine)
  • Hetzner Online (includes Hetzner Online GmbH)
  • Huawei Clouds
  • JSC Mediasoft ekspert
  • LinkedIn Corporation
  • Linode
  • Microsoft (includes Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Azure)
  • OVH (includes OVH SAS, OVH Hosting)
  • Scaleway
  • Twitter
  • Zscaler

We periodically update this list as providers and IP ranges change.

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