Adding Twitter Tailored Audience Tags to Links

What is a Twitter Tailored Audience Tag?

Twitter Tailored Audience for web is Twitter’s custom audience retargeting tag.

This allows you to show Twitter ads to specific users who have completed an action on another website, such as click a link or view a product.

Why create a Twitter Tailored Audience on a Link?

Adding Twitter tags to a link allows you retarget people who clicked a link, even if they never visit a website you control.

This is particularly helpful if you are sharing the link across social media or paid advertising.

Users who have clicked on a link are likely to be a much more valuable audience.

How to add a Twitter Tailored Audience Tags to a link

Firstly, visit Twitter Ads and generate a tailored audience from web tag.

Once you’ve got your tags:

  1. Click Create New Link from inside Linkly.

  2. In the Retargeting and Tracking Pixels section, add the Twitter Tag code provided by Twitter into Head/Body tags section.

  3. Click Save Link.

Test your link and verify that Twitter is registering visitor events.

Things to Know about Twitter Tailored Audience Tags & Links

  • When users click on your link, they are momentarily shown a blank page on which the Twitter tailored audience tag fires, before being redirected to the final destination. This process is invisible and almost instant.

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