Add an A record on Namecheap

Setting up Linkly with Namecheap is easy.

This is for using a root domain with Linkly, e.g.

If you already have a website on this domain, you'll need to set up a subdomain instead, e.g. For that, please follow the instructions setting up a CNAME instead.

How to add an A record on Namecheap

  1. Login to Namecheap.

  2. Select Domain List from the left side menu.

  3. Click the Manage button on your domain.

  4. Click the Advanced DNS tab.

  5. Delete any A records or URL redirect records on this domain

    Make sure you aren't using this domain for a website already. If you are, follow the instructions for adding a subdomain instead.

    This step will disable any websites on your domain.

  6. Under Host Records, click Add New Record.

  7. Select A Record from the menu.

    Add an A record as follows:

    • Type: A Record
    • Host: @
    • Value:
    • TTL: Automatic
    Select **A Record** from the menu.
    Select A Record from the menu.
  8. Add the domain to Linkly

    In your workspace, click Domains and type in your domain name.

    Linkly will detect the records and allow you to add it to your account.

    If you have any issues, please reach out and we'll help you fix it.

    Add the domain to Linkly
    Add the domain to Linkly

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