Why you should use a custom domain with Linkly

The simple reason is this:

Users using one of Linkly's public domains are far more likely to be blocked by spam filters.

Linkly is a very large public URL shortener, with millions of links in existence. As a result, in some cases links can be caught out as false positives and blocked by third party security software.

When this happens, you'll usually see either:

  • "This site can’t be reached" - it just looks like your link doesn't work
  • A security warning from the security software vendor.

When this happens, in general, your link is working on the wider internet, but is being blocked en-route to you.

This can happen either at your ISP, corporate intranet, or on your local computer.

How to make sure links never get blocked

You should attach a domain you own to Linkly. It costs nothing to do, and is available on all plans, including Linkly's free plan.

As an advantage, your links have your brand rather than ours, and as such tend to experience much higher click-through rates.

If you're in a large enterprise where corporate IT manages a domain, we recommend that you purchase a lookalike domain to use exclusively with Linkly.

Track 1000 monthly clicks with all features included.

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