How Linkly Works

When you create a link on Linkly, Linkly will give you a new 'Linkly link' that has tracking functionality.

You need to use this link in place of your original link for traffic to be tracked.

How Tracking Works

When a user clicks on a Linkly link, they first come through Linkly, which will record a click and details about the user's country and ISP, and then Linkly will redirect them to a destination you've saved in Linkly.

Linkly cannot track traffic on non-Linkly links.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track users on my website?

Only if you replace the links on your website with Linkly links.

If you are just looking for 'on-site' analytics only, you may be better of with a solution like Google Analytics.

Linkly's links are ugly. Why can't I make them on my own domain?

You can use your own domain! We actually recommend this as it produces better results. Use of Linkly is then invisible to the end user.

What is the difference between Linkly and Google Analytics?

Linkly is designed to work in places where you do not have Google Analytics; for example, when running influencer campaigns, or promoting links on other websites.

Track 1000 monthly clicks with all features included.

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