Creating your first Tracking Link with Linkly


Linkly works like a link shortener. You provide your destination URL, and Linkly will provide you a new URL you can use which tracks clicks, and performs smart link functions, such as redirects, retargeting and rotation.

Creating your first tracking link

Creating a new tracking link is easy.

  1. Click ‘Create New Link’ from the left hand menu.

  2. Give your link a descriptive ‘Nickname’ to help you find it in future. This is completely hidden from the outside world, and is just for your reference.

  3. In the Destination field, type in the URL you want a tracking link for. This is the ultimate destination for the visitor. As you type the destination, Linkly tests the URL to make sure it works. You can see the status code (in this case 200 - OK) next to the field.

  4. Click Save Link.


You’ll be presented with a new page that has your tracking link on it.

You can:

  • Click Copy to copy the link to the clipboard.

  • Edit the link to make further changes.

  • Open the link to test it.

You’ll also be presented with a QR Code, which you can click on to enlarge. You can scan this QR code to test your link on mobile, or save it and use it in your marketing media.


Things to Note

Links that promote malware, phishing or illegal activities or that fail Google’s Safe Browsing test cannot be used with Linkly.