Linkly turns any link into a tracking link


All features free for 2000 clicks per month. No credit card required.

What you can do with Linkly

Linkly gives you detailed, visual analytics on who clicked your link.

Linkly can redirect users based on geography or device.

Linkly can replace words and links on your website with tracking links.

Linkly can let you retarget users who clicked on a link with ads on Google Ads and Facebook.

Linkly can use your domain.

How Linkly works

  1. Take your link.

  2. Put it into Linkly.

  3. Linkly returns you a new link you can use.

Improve the performance of your campaigns

We know Linkly works

Linkly was created by WikiJob, a website with millions of visitors, to track and target their affiliate campaigns. We tried using Clickmeter and Genius Link, and while those are great products, we think Linkly is what marketers really need.

Works everywhere you advertise


Every day without tracking links is costing you money.

Linkly is free for 2000 clicks per month, with all features.

No credit card required