How Psychometric Success increased its revenues with Linkly

Psychometric Success is the internet’s biggest resource for numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and mechanical reasoning psychometric tests.

What are psychometric tests?

Psychometric tests are a type of aptitude test typically used for assessing a candidate’s ability to answer numerical and verbal reasoning questions under time pressure.

These aptitude tests are effectively a proxy for intelligence tests. They are typically used when a candidate doesn’t have the requisite employment experience to differentiate them. As such, they are commonly used on graduates, but are finding increasing use across all age groups and industry types.

Candidates tend to be very anxious about these tests, as performance on these tests can have outsized effects on their future.

What is Psychometric Success?

Psychometric Success is a website dedicated to improving candidates performance on numerical and verbal reasoning tests.

It offers a number of free practice reasoning tests for numerical, verbal, diagrammatic and mechanical tests.

Linkly & Psychometric Success

Psychometric Success makes money from selling additional practice reasoning tests.

Psychometric Success is built on Squarespace, so the ability to modify pages or install plugins is limited.

Psychometric Success faced multiple challenges:

  • Tracking clicks for affiliate partners
  • Forwarding users to the right app store, be that Apple Apps (formerly iTunes) or Google Play
  • Creating tracking links automatically to affiliate partners

Tracking Clicks to Affiliate Partners

With Linkly, it was possible to replace all the affiliate links with tracking links.

Using a custom domain, it was possible to create a vanity URL for all pages:

Main site URL:

Linkly vanity URLs:

This meant that affiliate links on Psychometric Success had a much higher click-through rate.

App Redirect to the right store

Psychometric Success’s numerical & verbal reasoning practice tests app had three main points of contact:

  • The Psychometric Tests landing page at
  • The Apple App page here
  • The Google Play page here

The challenge was redirecting users to the appropriate destination, based on their platform.

Linkly was able to do this using its device target feature.

How we built out the link to, using a vanity URL, UTM tags and app store redirects

Adding In Content Links using Linkify Words

Linkly has a feature called ‘Linkify Words’, that allows the automatic replacement of in-content words and phrases with links, by means of a javascript snippet inserted in the site.

This is particularly beneficial for content based websites, where editing and maintaining thousands of links across hundreds of pages is unfeasible.

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