Linkly - A PixelMe Alternative

Linkly is a free alternative to PixelMe, the retargeting pixel custom link shortener, and offers a number of additional features to boot.

Linkly vs PixelMe: Retargeting Pixels

If you’re trying to build custom audiences with Facebook Pixel or Twitter Audience Tags, you’ll want to add those tracking pixels to links you share.

Both Linkly and PixelMe do this.

Linkly offers a free trial for up to 2000 clicks per month.

PixelMe is a paid only option, starting at $29 a month.

Linkly allows you to embed any snippet (not just tracking pixels), so you can also add Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to your links.

Linkly vs PixelMe: Feature Showdown

Linkly also offers a number of smart redirect options, including redirecting by device, geolocation or using a link rotator and more.

Track 1000 monthly clicks with all features included.

No credit card required