Bitly Alternative

Linkly is a bitly alterantive with more features, and is targeted at professional marketers.

Both of them are custom URL shorteners.

Features common to Bitly & Linkly

Both allow you to shorten long URLs, track clicks, and create visual reports.

Both allow you to use a custom domain to create branded short-URLs (vanity URLs), although Bitly requires a paid plan for this. With Linkly, you can use a domain even on a free plan.

Both offer multi-user workspaces.

Bitly Enterprise, their high-volume offering, is targeted at Fortune 500 companies.

Features unique to Linkly

With Linkly, you can:

Features unique to Bitly

  • API for programmatic generation of links

Linkly also has a Bitly import feature, for migrating large numbers of links from Bitly to Linkly.

Track 1000 monthly clicks with all features included.

No credit card required