How Uses Linkly to Increase Revenues

WikiJob produces global content for those interested in jobs and careers, aptitude tests, personal finance, trading, and products and wellness.

The site offers well-researched free content to help millions of visitors succeed and make the right choices.

WikiJob has a small but busy team of content specialists working on delivering over 100 articles every month. This means that thousands of links are generated over that content, with millions of annual clicks.

Without a tool like Linkly, these links would be impossible to manage, keep track of and edit where necessary.

How WikiJob Uses Linkly

Linkly has become an essential everyday tool for the busy content team at WikiJob. Linkly is not only a powerful link shortening tool, but it also offers:

  • Click tracking
  • Branded link shortening
  • Advanced Redirects
  • Retargeting pixels

Linkly allows the WikiJob team to create neat and tidy custom affiliate links, that are branded with the domain, and track them using Linkly’s easy to use reports.

Linkly is entirely invisible once the fully branded links are in place, and the continuity of branding reflects the professional, seamless look that WikiJob is known for.

WikiJob manages an increasing family of sites, all providing the quality, informative content that is expected from the brand. All these domains can be managed from the same Linkly account, giving flexibility and the peace of mind that thousands of links and over 50 domains can be managed in one place and by multiple team members.

The My Links home page gives a quick overview of each linkly link, giving today’s clicks, 30-day clicks and overall clicks at a glance. A powerful search feature helps you locate each link quickly and easily. Essential when you have over 700 links per domain, like WikiJob.

Drilling down, the available reports reveal much more, such as country, device, ISP, destination and referrer.

Easily tracking click rates on each affiliate link (and even focusing down on which article each click comes from) is a great tool and has helped to increase the number of affiliate partners that WikiJob works with.

When creating custom links in Linkly, WikiJob is able to automatically replace keywords in its articles with links. For example, all mentions of certain trading partners or aptitude tests can link back to key sites using the Linkly affiliate links that have been previously set up.

This is time-saving for such a large content provider like WikiJob, as there is no longer the need to add links manually in the CMS. It is also an efficient way of increasing click through on key links.

Another handy feature that WikiJob uses regularly is the ability to redirect users by country. This has allowed the company to ensure that the right affiliate link reaches users, no matter where they are based in the world. For a global business, this feature ensures that links are accessible and relevant to users, and CTR is optimized.

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