List of Link Rotators (Free & Paid)

Link rotators, sometimes called URL rotators, allow you to randomly allocated traffic to particular destinations.

Free & Paid Link Rotators

There are several free link rotators available on the web.

  • Linkly’s Link Rotator (our own!) offers unlimited destinations, is suitable for high traffic/paid traffic, and has a number of other features such as custom domains, bot detection and click fraud prevention. Linkly also offers a free link rotator for up to 2000 monthly clicks.
  • ClickMeter - a paid only link rotator (starting $29 a month) that includes link rotators with conversion tracking.
  • GeniusLink - a paid only service (starting at $9 a month) that includes link rotation. GeniusLink is focused on Amazon affiliate marketers.
  • - free link rotator, but lacks secure domain
  • Free - free link rotator, old fashioned, lacks secure domain.
  • Page Swirl - free link rotator (rotate up to 5 URLS)
  • Rotator 4 Pro - free link rotator with paid plans

Track 1000 monthly clicks with all features included.

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