Rebrandly Alternative

Linkly is an alternative to Rebrandly & Bitly Enterprise.

Linkly is a custom URL shortener, that allows you to use your own domain to shorten links.

Links shortened with Linkly:

  • Have higher click-through rates, as users can see who’s behind a link (unlike generic links).
  • Spread brand awareness, even if your link isn’t actually clicked.
  • Provide detail metrics and tracking.

Both Linkly and Rebrandly offer the opportunity to edit social meta tags (Open Graph), and add retargeting pixels to links.

Linkly also offers a number of additional redirect options:

  • Redirect by country (georedirection)
  • Redirect by device (i.e. Android/iPhone/Desktop etc)
  • Link rotation (easily split traffic between several destinations)

Both Linkly & Rebrandly have free plans with all features included, and both have plugins for Firefox & Chrome.

Both Linkly & Rebrandly have integration with Zapier.

Linkly & Rebrandly both generate custom short-URLs using your own domain.
Linkly & Rebrandly both generate custom short-URLs using your own domain.

Adding a Domain to Linkly or Rebrandly

Using any custom URL shortener requires you to add your domain.

If you already have a domain, you’ll need to login to your domain provider’s website and add a CNAME record that points to either Linkly or Rebrandly.

That’s pretty much all that’s necessary.

Linkly & Rebrandly - Pricing

Both offer similar pricing and free plans, with paid plans starting at $29 per month.

Track 1000 monthly clicks with all features included.

No credit card required