Clickmeter Alternative (2024 review)

Linkly and Clickmeter are both URL shorteners with click tracking (tracking links). As of 2024, Clickmeter has been superseded by Rebrandly. We recommend you switch to Linkly for an equivalent feature set.

Features Common to Linkly & Clickmeter

Both also have unique features:

Linkly’s Unique Features

  • On-site link replacement (“linkify text”), which can replace words/phrases on your website with links
  • Automatic link replacement on your website
  • Link testing
  • SSL certificates for your domain

Clickmeter Tracking Unique Features

  • API access
  • Password protected links
  • Limited number of click links

Linkly offers a free plan.

Clickmeter Pricing

Clickmeter doesn’t have a trial but does offer a money-back guarantee.

Track 1000 monthly clicks with all features included.

No credit card required