Linkly vs Clickmeter

Linkly and Clickmeter are both URL shorteners with click tracking.

Features Common to Linkly & Clickmeter

  • Click tracking

  • Link shortening

  • Custom domains/branding

  • Location based redirects

  • Link rotators (A/B testing)

  • Mobile redirection

  • Retargeting

  • QR code links

  • Guest/team accounts

Both also have unique features:

Linkly’s Unique Features

  • On-site link replacement (“linkify text”), which can replace words/phrases on your website with links

  • Automatic link replacement on your website

  • Link testing

  • SSL certificates for your domain

Clickmeter’s Unique Features

download (1).png
  • API access

  • Export to spreadsheet

  • Link cloaking

  • Password protected links

  • Limited number of click links

Linkly offers a free plan.

Clickmeter doesn’t have a trial but does offer a money-back guarantee.

Chris Muktar