How accurate is IP Geolocation?

IP geolocation is the process of determining the location of a user via their IP address.

When a user connects to a website, their IP address is shared with the website.

The website looks up the IP address in a directory that returns a location. The most popular directory is the Maxmind GeoLite database.

Maxmind builds this database using information from internet service providers.

IP geolocation tends to work well at a country level. Typically, there can be exceptions when an internet connection looks like it comes from one place, but is in fact from another (for example, a US military base in another country may show up as ‘USA’), however this accounts for less than 1% of the results.

When it comes to determining the city, results are more varied, and depend on the location, quality of the data, and internet service provider set ups.

As a general rule of thumb, relying on country level geolocation is appropriate, whereas city level geolocation is useful, but should not be relied upon.

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