ClickMagick Alternative

Linkly is a more modern alternative to ClickMagick. Both are competent click trackers.

Features Linkly & ClickMagick Have in Common

Both also have competent click fraud monitoring, although Linkly uses Google ReCaptcha v3, which leverages Google’s reach on the internet to help separate out robots from human traffic.

Features Unique to Linkly

Linkly has a few extra features up its sleeve:

  • Custom social media previews - Allows you to edit the image/description/title of a post you share on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Integration with Google Chrome, Firefox, Google Sheets & Zapier.
  • Linkify Text - Linkly can automatically replace words and phrases in text on your website with links. This is useful for adding affiliate links into content based websites, without editing every page.
  • Automatic Link Replacement - By embedding a javscript snippet into your website, Linkly can automatically replace links with Linkly links, allowing you to track outbound visitors.
  • Automatically add UTM tags to destinations - see inbound traffic in Google Analytics
  • Bitly Link Import
  • Support for teams, multiple users & multiple workspaces.
  • QR code generation
  • Secure (https) link destinations

Linkly also has a free plan, so you can get 1000 clicks.

Features Unique to ClickMagick

ClickMagick is ultimately focused on affiliate marketers, so a slightly different audience.

ClickMagick has a few unique features of its own:

  • Postback (webhook, or sever to server) conversion tracking
  • “MagickBars” - these are ‘Hello bar’ type popups that appear on the bottom or top of pages to aid in promotion
  • “MagickPops” - these are popups you can embed in your site to present offers to visitors. There are four types: ‘On-Load’, ‘Delayed’, ‘On-Exit’ & ‘Redirect’.

Clickmagick doesn’t have a free plan, but does offer a free trial (with a credit card).

Track 1000 monthly clicks with all features included.

No credit card required